Amos Interactive was founded by Jan and Nameetha with the belief that keeping things simple and emphasizing over the details, delivers unforgettable user experiences.

Jan specializes in “jump starting” startups – helping them get their thoughts clear and direct through – idea validation, business viability analysis, information architecture, wireframing, UI/UX, MVPs, product development, presentations, pitches, executive summaries, one pagers – even the introductory sentences they need in order to answer the question: “So what is it you do?” 
(You’d be amazed how many people can’t answer it effectively.)

With over 20 years of leadership experience in the technology, creative communication and hospitality industries, Jan has enabled startups in the e-commerce, healthcare, social and education verticals to go from an one line brief to a fully functional product.

A thought to live by:
Great ideas are born by the minute. At some point you have to decide to stop talking about your ideas and take the first step with enough confidence to carry you through to the next step. With each step forward new doors will open and your idea will expand. Never be afraid to share your idea with others to get feedback. Ideas grow best when they are exposed to a lot of other people’s ideas and input on a regular basis.